A Field Full of Carrots: by Phil Null

One aspect of leading others in a positive way is to serve as a champion of their individual success and accomplishments. The
variety of “carrots” (rewards) you have available don’t just serve as motivators for repeated positive performance. They are also a tool to support the advancement and selection of those who will add value to the organization and its missions. Your organization expects you to identify and work to reward those who perform for the gratitude offered for a job well done. When you help establish and document a pattern of outstanding performance, you help the person but you also help the organization manage talent.

    As a leader or manager, you must understand how these “carrots” serve as a promotion signal and must be viewed as such. We all have high potential people on our teams. You have a responsibility to ensure their opportunity for advancement success is increased by rewarding positive performance and ensuring it is documented in their personnel record. Although it requires time and energy on your part, this favorable performance counseling and associated documentation will favorably impact selection decisions for their career progression and future desired assignments. Perhaps you shy away from doing this because you feel you can’t write well, or you fail to allot time in your weekly routine for this important activity. If you do either of these things, then find resources to help you overcome those personal shortfalls. Keep in mind that rewards also serve as a signal to your team. When they see those most deserving getting recognized for their performance, they in turn become motivated to perform to higher standards. 

    A single carrot is unlikely to influence a career, but helping your people build a field full of carrots will certainly enhance their professional resume and help ensure they advance within the organization. We would love to hear your comments on how you make time to invest in your talent with documented performance counseling or awards.


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